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We have built a robust AI assistant for South African legal practitioners. Designed to do all the heavy lifting in your workflow. Your assistant will traverse the breadth of law and pinpoint what matters most.


Adjunct uses state of the art AI and search technology to efficiently retrieve and analyse an extensive range of legislation, regulation, and case law. Providing lawyers with comprehensive and relevant information to support their research and decision-making processes.


Effortless Case Law.
Search and Understanding

Let your assistant find, summarise & examine the case law that is most relevant to you. Shift your time from search to analysis – focusing all your efforts on the high value aspects of research and case building.

First Draft

Enhance Your Legal Writing

We have simplified and enhanced the drafting process with direct plug-in to Microsoft Word to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. One click to get: clause reviews, clause generation, re-phrasing and legal stress tests.

All the answers to your legislative questions - accompanied by citations to give you peace of mind. Eliminate the tedious efforts and time you spend searching the landscape of Acts and Regulations.


Compliance in Minutes

Your assistant will use the information you supply to understand the customer and expedite the compliance gap analysis.


National Health Insurance Act

Answer Engine

Using our legislation answer engine, impartially query the National Health Insurance Act.

  • Discover implications of the new NHI Act now.
  • Comprehensive and concise response options.
  • Trace outputs back to the original Act.
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Adjunct/ˈadʒʌŋ(k)t/(n.) Something added to another as a supplementary rather than an essential part to that other.  
(adj.) Connected or added to something.  

At Adjunct we believe that technology serves to extend human capability. AI is simply the latest iteration of that. Our mission is to build tools that amplify the abilities of knowledge workers. To start, we have built a sophisticated AI product tailored for South African legal practitioners. This embodies our principles of complementarity, trust and personalisation. Lawyers who use our product will have more capacity for creative problem solving - opening more opportunity to deeply focus on the intricacies of South African law.

meet the

We have embarked on our mission together using our rich blend of skills and experience across AI engineering, business strategy, operations, and product development. This unique fusion of technological acumen and insight into professional services positions us ideally to identify and address specific challenges faced by knowledge workers, starting with legal practitioners in South Africa.



Chief Operating Officer

Julita is an economist with a background in strategic and niche economic consultancy. She began her career at a major consultancy building experience in strategic problem solving and intelligent automation then shifted into economic research where she has led and delivered multiple projects in monitoring and evaluation, trade and industry and public economics.  

Alessandro Scarcella


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Alessandro is an experienced AI engineer who studied language models during his postgraduate research. Over the last decade, he has developed AI solutions in a broad range of industries including retail, financial services and online marketplaces.    The application of AI to augment human capability and improve society is a source of continuous motivation and purpose.  



Chief Growth Officer

Liam is a brand strategist and performance marketer, with over 10 years of experience in guiding businesses and global brands to success. His expertise lies at the intersection of marketing and product development, where he seamlessly integrates technology and user experience to drive impactful results.

Tools on the

Adjunct is dedicated to catalysing the potential of AI for the legal profession, ensuring the advantages are harnessed while guarding against common AI pitfalls, such as inaccuracies. In order to achieve this, we make use of a battery of technologies and techniques including vector embeddings, retrieval augmented generation, hybrid search (semantic and keyword), prompt engineering and LLM finetuning.

While every feature has its own unique architecture and considerations, at the core, all our offerings have two ideas that drive our thinking: Verifiability and Complementarity.



User inputs a free format legal query. Queries can be full questions, bullet points or simply shorthand notes from a client meeting.



AI assistant will ask follow up questions to refine the query to get more relevant results.


Source Document

Taking this refined query, we will search for relevant source documents across public databases, and your private data repository.


AI Answer

Using the retrieved source documents, we will send the refined query with the retrieved source documents to our fine tuned AI models, which will answer the query using the source documents as the basis for every answer.


Answer With

The contextualised reference answer is returned to the user with a set of references so that every aspect can be verified and used for further exploration.

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